Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I returned last night from a LONG trip home, its GREAT to be back home here in Portland, and to see my whole family at the airport to greet me!  (Thanks Alice and the kids!)

First of all, thank you EVERYONE for the support and prayers, I wanted to shoot you all a quick update on the trip specifically as well as some pictures and videos...
In many ways Haiti is very much like it was 10 years ago when I visited there the first time, a very poor and broken country, with a corrupt government, and total lack of a plan in virtually every sense.  It's not all the same though, after the earthquake there are now 10s of thousands of children without parents, broken families, and homes destroyed.  We visited the epicenter of the earthquake where virtually EVERY building was destroyed, there wasn't anywhere we went that didn't suffer greatly from the earthquake.  In many ways I feel that the earthquake was just the start of many terrible things to happen to this country, they simply don't have the education, organization, or drive to "rise" above a lot of the issues they face...  

I learned of one man that had been a very serious in the voodoo arts (used to protect his family, goats, and sheep), and after the earthquake, he turned to the pastor of the church in his village.  (pastor Francklin) He asked why the pastor was not angry with God for sending the earthquake, pastor Francklin shared the gospel, and the man came to the lord and were baptized.  I also learned of another very encouraging story.  Pastor Francklin also teaches English in a community center (100% destroyed) and was actually teaching English when the earthquake occurred.  ALL the students and pastor Francklin where able to get out seconds before the entire building collapsed...  One of his students "Charlie" asked why they didn't die, and Pastor Francklin told him that  that God has a plan for his life.  He accepted Christ, and was baptized later that week, and is now helping to rebuild the community center and church.  These are two of many of stories we were able to hear and document while there.  

Our trip was a success, we were able to capture 12+ hours of video that will be used to help tell the message of all that God is doing in Haiti.  The media is packed with terrible stories of corruption and destruction, and while in many cases the stories are true, we learned there are also many of stories of powerful change being brought to the country.  God is blessing His people here, and is using people like you and I to help.  I was also able to capture about 1000 images, many of which I believe will be a powerful testimony to the people and country of Haiti, and the work that God is doing there.....
Charlie on the left and Francklin on the right

Dave Proehl has already had a chance to put together a quick 90 second video on the way home that I feel is an excellent example of what God is doing to the nation..  

PLEASE take a min and watch here:  http://vimeo.com/16877146

I have also gone through a few images that are worth seeing.  You can see here: http://picasaweb.google.com/chrisbehnke1/Haiti2010Blog?authkey=Gv1sRgCIXMoqLMk6vOxwE#

There will be some great videos, and a documentary that we will be producing as well as a live concert and event (will be streamed live to the Internet) on the 12th of Jan..  I will keep you all updated as that stuff comes together.

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